Welcome! Since 2005 I have been serving the transgender community of Southwest Virginia and beyond. Whether it is exploring your gender identity, coming out to family and friends, negotiating work issues or navigating transition, I am happy to assist you as an ally and advocate.

My Specialty: Doctor’s Letters

As a gender therapist, I have a great deal of experience writing referral letters for hormones and surgery. My commitment to clients is to make this process efficient and affordable. I am opposed to the “gatekeeper” mentality that has plagued therapy for so many years; just because you want to begin hormones or have surgery does not necessarily mean that you need ongoing therapy. Of course, if there are other issues that you would like assistance with – such as anxiety or depression – then we can certainly discuss further therapeutic sessions or alternative resources.

Your gender consultation (whether for hormones or surgery) typically takes one session. The cost of that meeting is $100. This flat rate includes both the meeting as well as any paperwork you might need. For example, in addition to the doctor’s letter, some people would like to change the gender marker on their state ID or drivers license. Doing so would be included in the fee. After our meeting, you won’t have to wait for your letter: I will write it and have it ready for you within 24 hours.

If you are interested in regular counseling sessions, those are $85 per sixty-minute hour. I see clients both in-person in Roanoke as well as via Skype.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me by phone or email for more information!

540-819-0429 / andymatzner@gmail.com

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